Five Secrets of Our Success

As we rehearsed last night for our upcoming 15th performance, we took a few moments to brainstorm the reasons behind our incredibly successful first year together. Here’s just a few that we came up with:meditating

  1. We take time to breathe together. When we share relaxed silence, something magical happens. Energies relax and hearts open. We typically spend a few minutes at each rehearsal to center ourselves and create the silence in which our sound can flourish.
  2. We trust each other. We trust the audience. This trust engenders vulnerability to share deeply—the essential element that makes music such a magical experience.
  3. backstage bwOur friendships are more important than the notes. We work to create excellence, but never at the expense of kindness. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, which helps tremendously to keep defensiveness away.
  4. We listen carefully to what the music asks of us, moment by moment. Tempos may change upon the mood of the day and the needs of the individual. Freshness is essential.
  5. We know the WHY of our music. The boys have explored life outside of performance, and have come back to the stage with the strong desire to access joy not only for ourselves, but to share with the audience as well. It’s not about our egos or the stressful pressure for perfection. It’s about supporting each other in our quest for excellence and joy.

    Bodhi Trio with Phil Setzer

    coaching with Phil Setzer of the Emerson String Quartet

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